HomeTown Self Storage LLC is a customer-oriented company, and service is our top priority. We are here to help anyone who needs storage space for personal, recreational, or business use.

These tips will help make your storage experience more pleasant. However, if you have an unusual item to store or have any questions, please give us a call at (860) 963-1090. We will be glad to assist.

  • If you have only a few items to store, consider teaming up with a friend and sharing a unit.
  • Drain all remaining gasoline from equipment and vehicles before storing them for the season.
  • Place any items you will need to access frequently near the front of your self-storage unit.
  • To protect clothing, fill a piece of light cheesecloth with cedar chips and place it in the box containing your clothing.
  • Avoid storing food in your unit.
  • For ease of stacking, use boxes of uniform sizes.
  • On the outside of each box, mark the contents of the box, with the label facing outward, so it will be viewable.
  • Leave appliance doors cracked open in order to avoid moisture build-up.
  • Fill drawers with small items to conserve space.
  • Avoid storing clothing in sealed plastic bags. The humidity will cause mildew.

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